about me

Michael Maili

photographer/ filmmaker/ mountaineer/ climber/ basejumper



His professional approach to adventure and action photography is the result of his own record as a sportsman. The first publications about rock climbers in Yosemite National Park back in 1999 paved the way for his future. In the following years he concentrated his attention on alpine photography: South Tyrol was the best place for this quest and Martin and Florian Riegler the best partners to make his dreams come true. The next couple of years went by quickly: thousands of pics found their way into his archives and many others were published in international magazines. The intensive time during his adventures has always reflected his personal approach to freedom, independence and, especially, to going beyond his own limits. These elements were to be reflected later in his future works again and again. 2010 after the works to the climbing film Borderline in Spain, Martin Riegler inspired Maili to attend base jumping and wingsuit pilot courses. So a new chapter opened and the first professional film and photo material was produced. The content of www.mmARts.at is the result of these long lasting workouts, experiments, professional advanced trainings, escapes from normal life and sometimes even escapes from the illusions of our modern society.


“Safety is the biggest illusion of human imagination” The constant aspiration for safety takes us the courage to find our limits and live ourdreams.       Michael Maili……Owner of mmARts Photography, lives in Bruck an der Mur, Styria, Austria. The content in the following pages are exclusive works and the property of Michael Maili. All photos, films and materials shown on this website are produced and protected by international copyright law.


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